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PLUS: Major long-lasting battery breakthrough!

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Apple’s Vision Pro may be the talk of the tech world, but not everyone is impressed...

Mark Zuckerberg just came out swinging on Instagram, calling out Apple's ‘fanboys’ and staking Meta’s claim to the headset throne. Game on.

In today’s tech rundown:

  • Zuck: Quest ‘better product’ than Vision Pro

  • Scientists create flexible, long-lasting calcium battery

  • 7 New products

  • X under fire for terrorist verifications

  • SpaceX retires 100 Starlink satellites

  • Vision Pro surpasses 1,000 apps

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Image source: Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram

The Rundown: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to social media to compare his company’s headset with the newly-released Apple Vision Pro, arguing that the Quest 3 is ‘the better product’ based on factors like cost, weight, and immersion.

The details:

  • Zuckerberg highlighted the Quest 3's lighter weight for comfort, lack of wires for freedom of motion, and much lower $1500 price tag.

  • He praised aspects like the Vision Pro's display resolution but said it required too many tradeoffs — convinced that the Quest is better for ‘the vast majority of things’.  

  • Zuck reiterated Meta's head start in the headset race while slighting "fanboys" who assume Apple leads in new technologies.

Why it matters: As Apple tries to stake claim to the mixed-reality headset throne, Meta is here to remind the world who came first. While the Vision Pro has captured the deadlines, Zuck seems confident and reassured that his tech can out-duel Apple’s hype.


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Image source: Twitter @zackhargett

The Rundown: Chinese researchers just developed a calcium-oxygen battery that is able to be charged repeatedly at room temperature – marking a milestone for finding more abundant alternatives to lithium-ion batteries.

The details:

  • Researchers at Shanghai’s Fundan University were able to charge and discharge the battery completely for up to 700 cycles, a milestone in the field of energy storage.

  • Calcium is 2,500 times more abundant than lithium, making the battery a more sustainable option than traditional lithium-ion tech.

  • It also maintains stability when bent, which could enable woven, wearable textile batteries to be compatible with smartphones.

Why it matters: While battery tech has seemingly lagged behind other breakthroughs, it feels like a revolution is coming soon. This alternative suggests possibilities for cheaper, safer batteries minus lithium supply constraints — with potential uses from EVs to flexible electronics.


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X is under scrutiny for allegedly offering paid verification services to accounts linked to Hezbollah and other US-sanctioned entities, raising concerns over potential violations.

Apple’s Vision Pro surpassed 1,000 apps on the device, showcasing developer enthusiasm for its spatial computing capabilities.

Tesla rolled out a new software update introducing features to target cold weather challenges, including informing drivers when a battery is warm enough for charging and automatically defrosting ports.

Google introduced enhanced Android security with a "Safe Browsing" feature to alert users about phishing attempts and malware.

Lyft CEO David Risher apologized for a clerical error in a press release that mistakenly inflated the company's earnings outlook, causing a significant stock surge.

SpaceX is retiring 100 Starlink satellites due to an unidentified flaw, aiming for a controlled descent to mitigate the risk of becoming space debris.


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