⚡️ Zuck's fancy new Ray-Bans

PLUS: Worldcoin signups skyrocket

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Meta unveiled a new set of smart glasses with Ray-Ban, promising AI integrations and high-tech features.

Is the future of tech wearables about to run through Zuck? Let’s dig in…

In today’s tech rundown:

  • 👓 Meta and Ray-Ban reveal next-gen smart glasses

  • 🌎 Worldcoin signups top 1% of Chile's population

  • 🛠️ 7 New products

  • 📰 7 quick stories

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Image source: CNET

The Rundown: Meta and Ray-Ban just announced upgraded versions of their Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, featuring new enhancements across the board, future AI integrations, and more.

The details:

  • Improvements include better audio quality, higher resolution cameras, slimmer and lighter frames, and increased battery life.

  • New features include live-streaming to FB/IG, hands-free control via voice commands, and integration with Meta's AI assistant.

  • The glasses now come in classic Wayfarer and new Headliner styles with 10+ frame and lens options starting at $299.

The relevance: While wearables have been around — the coming AI integration may help these types of products take the next leap into mainstream.

Our thoughts: With a sleek design that is nearly indistinguishable from normal sunglasses, this Ray-Ban collab could be a nice look into the feature of AR/smart wearables.


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Image source: Worldcoin

The Rundown: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s biometric digital ID project Worldcoin reported over 200,000 registrations in Chile this week, surpassing 1% of the country's population.

Key points:

  • Users scan irises on Orb devices, create digital IDs, and receive $WLD tokens, though critics cite privacy risks of biometric data collection.

  • Worldcoin saw 9,500 registrations in one day in Argentina, showing growing traction in Latin America.

  • The milestone is positive news after troubled years for the startup — though adoption hurdles around regulation and perception remain.

Why it matters: Worldcoin’s iris scanning may seem dystopian to some, and sparks doubt in stable economies. The concept shines where trust in institutions is low — and its appeal in Latin America shows those fretting about privacy risks might be missing how Worldcoin aids the unbanked.


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The Raspberry Pi 5 has launched at $60, offering notable upgrades including enhanced performance and new in-house components.

Apple and Microsoft's 2020 discussions about a possible Bing sale remained exploratory, hindered by Apple's profitable arrangement with Google and doubts about Bing's competitiveness.

Netflix has ceased its DVD-by-mail service, reflecting a total shift to streaming, impacting users seeking rare content.

Epic Games is cutting 16% of its staff, or 830 employees, to curb spending and refocus on core business amid its legal dispute with Apple.

A New York judge has ruled in favor of a $18 per hour minimum pay rate for the city's food delivery workers, impacting companies like Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub, which had sued the city to block the standard.

The EEOC has filed a lawsuit against Tesla, accusing it of tolerating racial harassment and retaliating against employees who opposed such harassment.

Researchers have created MilliMobile, a tiny, environmentally friendly robot that moves autonomously, carrying sensors for data collection in applications like smart farming and equipment monitoring.

Jim Ryan, PlayStation chief, will resign in March 2024, citing the difficulties of living in Europe while working in North America, despite the recent success of the PS5.

Lex Fridman experienced a transformative conversation with Mark Zuckerberg in the Metaverse, discussing reality, AI, and humanity's future, offering insights into new possibilities and human connections.


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