⚡️ X loses millions of active users

PLUS: New iPhones are sizzling... Literally

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Linda Yaccarino’s bizarre interview last week confirmed that X has been losing active users ever since Elon.

The question is — does he care? Let’s dig in…

In today’s tech rundown:

  • 📉 CEO: X loses millions of daily users post-Musk

  • 🛹 Onewheel issues total recall after deaths

  • 🥵 Apple aims to cool hot new iPhones

  • 🛠️ 7 New products

  • 📰 7 Quick stories

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: X has lost millions of daily active users since Elon Musk's takeover despite monthly user growth, CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed in an eyebrow-raising interview at Vox Media’s Code 2023 conference.

The details:

  • X now has 225 million daily active users, down from 254 million pre-acquisition and 259 million under Musk last year.

  • Yaccarino seemed oblivious to her own platform's core metrics during the interview, unable to provide clear user numbers when asked.

  • Musk has shifted focus to "unregretted user minutes" instead of standard daily/monthly active user metrics.

Our thoughts: The user numbers confirm what many speculated, and Yaccarino’s performance certainly didn’t inspire a ton of confidence. But will Elon be fazed by any of this — probably not.


Image source: The Verge

The Rundown: Onewheel maker Future Motion is recalling all 300,000 self-balancing boards after four reported deaths between 2019-2021, after previously resisting warnings.

Key points:

  • Future Motion is now voluntarily recalling every Onewheel sold — after publicly feuding with the CPSC over issuing a recall in 2022.

  • Customers with newer models will get a software update adding safety alerts, but original models must be discarded for $100 credit.

  • This follows crashes from Onewheels allegedly malfunctioning when pushed to their limit, despite Future Motion previously claiming it found no issues.

The relevance: Having a massive recall and customer deaths after actively feuding with the Consumer Product Safety Commission is… Not a great look! Let’s hope additional safety features and the recalls can help better protect riders going forward.


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: The newest iPhones are sizzling — and not in a good way. Apple said fixes are in the works for software issues that are causing iPhone 15 models to overheat and become too hot to handle, sparking complaints.

Key points:

  • A bug in iOS 17 along with app problems like Instagram are blamed for excess heat. Apple is addressing both ends.

  • Apple said no safety risks prevent iPhone 15 use in the meantime — but the issue threatens sales momentum.

  • The overheating has gained attention amid existing concerns about Apple's sales slump prior to September’s hyped release.

What this means: The newest iPhones are too hot to handle — the headlines write themselves! Apple will likely patch this up quickly — meaning the next time your phone will overheat is when we start inevitably getting FOMO for the shiny new release in a year.


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Volkswagen is modifying existing plants for EV production, scrapping its $2.1 billion plan for a new factory amid cost-cutting and decreased demand.

BeReal is reportedly losing users, with claims of a drop to 16.06 million active users globally, contrary to the company's claim of maintaining over 25 million active users.

Amazon's Project Kuiper is launching its first prototype satellites on Oct. 6, marking a key step in its global broadband service endeavor to compete with SpaceX's Starlink.

Indonesia has imposed an immediate ban on social media e-commerce transactions, affecting platforms like TikTok, to protect offline merchants and enforce fair competition and compliance with local product standards.

Elon Musk's platform, formerly Twitter, has removed a user feature for reporting electoral misinformation, stoking concerns ahead of upcoming elections, with Musk advocating for alternate fact-checking methods.

Su Zhu of the collapsed Three Arrows Capital was arrested in Singapore amid asset recovery efforts.

Humane's Ai Pin debuted at Paris Fashion Week on Coperni's runway, but its features and functionalities remain undisclosed.


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