X hits #1 in the US App Store!

PLUS: Hong Kong firm scammed by deepfakes

Welcome, Tech enthusiasts.

The X app just hit the top spot in the US App Store rankings.

With Tucker Carlson announcing his interview with Putin will go live on the app first — the anticipation is real. Let’s get into it…

In today’s tech rundown:

  • X hits #1 app on US App Store

  • Hong Kong firm scammed for HK$200M by deepfakes

  • 8 new products

  • Disney partners with Epic Games

  • Apple is working on foldable iPhones

  • YouTube Premium hits 8 million paying subscribers

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Image source: Screenshot from Apple App Store

The Rundown: X (formerly Twitter) surged to the top spot on the U.S. App Store following Tucker Carlson's announcement of his interview with Vladimir Putin overnight.

The details:

  • Carlson's announcement led to a spike in X app downloads, which began climbing the charts at around 7 PM EST.

  • The interview is Putin's first with Western media since the Ukraine invasion.

  • The interview has been confirmed to have already happened and will air on Elon Musk’s X app on Thursday.

Why it matters: With the interview being Putin’s first with a Western media figure since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it will likely be one of the most watched interviews of all time — and X is profiting from it, big time.


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Image source: DALL-E 3

The Rundown: A Hong Kong firm lost HK$200 million to scammers using deepfake AI tech in a fake video meeting, where the company's CFO and others were impersonated.

The details:

  • Deepfake tech was used to impersonate the CFO and others in a video call.

  • The employee was deceived into making 15 transfers to fraudulent accounts.

  • This scam, a first of its kind in Hong Kong, involved a significant sum of HK$200 million.

Why it matters: This highlights the growing threat of deepfakes in cybercrime, challenging the security of corporate transactions and emphasizing the need for advanced verification methods. As deepfake tech continues to improve, the risk will only increase.


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Disney has partnered with Epic Games, investing $1.5 billion to create an expansive metaverse featuring Disney's vast array of characters and stories.

The Biden administration is mandating that large U.S. cryptocurrency miners report their energy consumption amid concerns over the industry's potential strain on electricity grids and its environmental impact.

Apple is reportedly working on developing foldable iPhone and iPad models with horizontal folding designs similar to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip.

Google's YouTube TV, priced at $73 per month, has reached 8 million subscribers, positioning it as a major player among cable TV providers.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that a comprehensive ESPN standalone streaming service will launch by fall 2025, offering live games, studio programming, and additional features such as ESPN Bet.

Microsoft has partnered with various journalism groups to promote AI integration within the industry, aiming to enhance reporting efficiency.


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