Samsung tackles sleep apnea

PLUS: Meta opts out of political content

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The future of healthcare might be sitting on your wrist.

Samsung's watches just became the first to earn FDA approval for sleep apnea detection — a huge leap forward for consumer wearable health tech. Let's explore…

In today’s tech rundown:

  • New Samsung Watch feature tackles sleep apnea

  • Meta dialing back political content on platforms

  • 8 new products

  • Altman seeking TRILLIONS for AI chip production

  • Google One subscriptions top 100M

  • Reddit defeats movie studios on piracy battle

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Image source: Samsung

The Rundown: Samsung's Galaxy Watch just became the first smartwatch to receive FDA authorization for sleep apnea detection, signaling a major expansion of the device’s health-tracking capabilities.

The details:

  • Users over 22 will be able to track their sleep over two nights using the watch to be screened for signs of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

  • This feature could increase detection rates for OSA, a condition that often goes undiagnosed but can contribute to other health problems.

  • Samsung received FDA approval following a similar authorization from South Korea last year.

  • The tool will be available on Galaxy Watches via the Samsung Health Monitor app in Q3 of this year, joining features like heart monitoring, and body composition analysis.

Why it matters: Smartwatches are transitioning from basic fitness trackers to serious medical devices — and the ability to self-monitor often overlooked conditions with a consumer device could be a game-changer for getting better diagnosis and care.


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Image source: Instagram

The Rundown: Meta just announced that both Instagram and Threads are actively reducing the amount of political content users will see in places like Explore and Reels, in an effort to distance itself from polarizing content surrounding the upcoming elections.

The details:

  • Posts about laws, elections, and social topics from accounts users don't follow will be less likely to show up in recommended feeds.

  • Users can opt back into the content appearing on their feed, and the changes won't impact posts from already-followed accounts.

  • Facebook will also receive the new political content control at a later date.

Why it matters: With social media increasingly shaping political discourse in today’s age, Meta is trying to lessen its impact. Though given the massive amounts of disinformation and bots already on the platforms — the company’s influence on elections is already likely too big to curb meaningfully.


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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is reportedly seeking as much as $7 trillion (!) in funding to expand the world’s production of AI chips.

Google announced that its Google One subscription service surpassed 100M subscribers, coming on the heels of its announced AI Premium plan offering access to its top-tier Gemini Ultra model.

TikTok removed its hashtag view count feature, eliminating a key tool for analyzing the spread of content and potentially hindering transparency.

Reddit was victorious for a third time over movie studios, with courts ruling the platform does not have to reveal IP addresses of users discussing piracy due to First Amendment protections of user anonymity.

Notion announced the acquisition of Skiff, expanding its privacy-focused offerings with end-to-end encrypted file storage, documents, calendar events, and email.

Tesla's iPhone app was updated to support ultra-wideband (UWB), offering improved security and reliability when using iPhones as digital car keys.


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