⚡️ Nanowire 'brain' learns like humans!

PLUS: Ammonia-fueled shipping

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Can machines think just like humans?

Well, looks like they’re getting closer, thanks to researchers at the University of Sydney. Let’s get into it.

In today’s tech rundown:

  • Nanowire ‘brain’ learns ‘on the fly’ like humans

  • This ship sails on pure ammonia

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Image source: Phys

The Rundown: University of Sydney researchers have created a "brain-like" nanowire network capable of learning and remembering in real-time, similar to that of human brain function.

The details:

  • The nanowire neural network self-organizes into patterns, functioning like the brain's synapses by responding to electrical currents.

  • This network can process dynamic data streams efficiently, using a low-energy approach for complex learning and memory tasks.

  • The nanowire's resistive memory switching mimics synaptic activity, allowing it to perform image recognition tasks with high accuracy.

The relevance: This innovation demonstrates a scalable method for machine learning that operates "on the fly," bypassing the need for large data storage and energy-intensive training methods.


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Image source: Yara Eyde

The Rundown: Norway is set to launch the world's first ammonia-powered container ship, Yara Eyde, by 2026 — aiming to revolutionize maritime transport with a clean energy solution.

Key details:

  • Yara Eyde will operate in the vital commercial corridor between Norway and Europe, including ports like Oslo, Brevik, and Hamburg.

  • The project is a collaboration between Yara International's Yara Clean Energy and the North Sea Container Line.

  • The ship will utilize pure ammonia as fuel, aligning with global efforts to curb CO2 emissions from maritime transport.

  • Yara International will supply near carbon-free ammonia, supporting the ship's operation.

Why it matters: Yara Eyde represents a strategic move towards sustainable shipping — offering a viable alternative to traditional fuels and demonstrating ammonia's potential as a maritime fuel.


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X is soliciting sales of recycled user handles for $50,000, forming a dedicated team to manage a potential marketplace.

Lucid offers up to $10,000 off on Air EVs in a limited-time sale to reduce inventory amid slow demand.

Google cancels $15 billion worth of Bay Area campus projects with Lendlease to optimize real estate and cut costs.

Apple is preparing a watchOS update to address battery life issues on various Apple Watch models.

A leaked benchmark also hints that Apple's M3 Pro CPU may only show marginal speed improvements over the M2 Pro.

Study of mummified baboons links ancient Arabian worship and hints at a single historic trading region in present-day Eritrea.

SpaceX's Falcon 9 booster B1058 has made history with 18 flights, including launching astronauts into orbit for the first time in 9 years.


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