⚡️ iPad's massive upgrades

PLUS: Tesla's fatal lawsuit heads to court

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In today’s tech rundown:

  • 🍎 Apple planning major iPad Pro upgrades

  • ✈️ Google Flights adds new insights for cheap fares

  • 🚘 Tesla faces first trial over fatal Autopilot crash

  • 🛠️ 7 new products

  • 🗞️ 6 quick news snippets

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Image source: Apple

The Rundown: Apple is reportedly planning major updates for its iPad Pro in 2024, including a new Magic Keyboard, an upgraded M3 chip, and sharper displays to help reinvigorate sales.

The details:

  • The new iPad Pro will feature a larger trackpad, Magic Keyboard, and M3 chip for the first time, along with OLED displays that will offer brighter visuals than current models.

  • A larger 13-inch screen size will be available alongside the standard 11-inch option.

  • The launch is expected in the spring or summer of 2024, not at the September iPhone event.

Why it matters: The iPad Pro overhaul feels long overdue after only subtle updates in recent years. While the premium price tag may still limit the mainstream appeal, these features could inspire pro users to upgrade and help boost Apple's tablet revenue.


Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google Flights just released a handy new feature, helping travelers identify and track the cheapest times to book flights to their destination.

Key points:

  • The tool uses historical data to show when prices are typically lowest for selected routes and dates — helping consumers decide when to book or wait for a better deal.

  • A new ‘price guarantee badge’ will signal that Google is confident the fare won’t get lower before departure — with a refund available for the difference if it does.

  • The new insights build on existing price tracking, guarantees, and typical price data on the platform.

The relevance: This addition makes Google Flights an even more powerful tool for scoring deals and maximizing savings — helping take the guesswork out of when to book your next trip.


Image source: Tesla

The Rundown: Tesla is set for its first trials defending against allegations that its Autopilot defects caused fatal crashes, in a major legal test of the company’s self-driving claims.

Key points:

  • The first trial scheduled for September involves a 2019 crash that killed the owner when a Model 3 veered off the highway — with the suit alleging that Autopilot was defective and Tesla knew it.

  • A second trial slated for October investigates another deadly 2019 collision.

  • Tesla denies liability and blames driver inattention, though emails suggest Musk and engineers may have known about the limitations.

Why it matters: As self-driving hype hits the courtroom, Tesla faces some difficult questions about its lofty claims versus potentially unsafe realities. Will the court hit the brakes on Elon’s race to autonomous market dominance?


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Meta's Quest Pro 3, previewed in a leaked video on X, is set to challenge Apple's $3,500 Vision Pro with a $500 price tag. Details are anticipated at Meta's Sept. 27-28 Connect event.

LA's Impact Theory, aiming to be "the next Disney", settled with the SEC for $6.1M over illegal NFT sales totaling nearly $30M. This marks the SEC's inaugural NFT-related enforcement.

Cruise, backed by General Motors, is initiating piloted autonomous vehicle tests in Seattle to adapt to its hilly terrain and varying weather. Cruise’s cars will have humans on board and collect data to evaluate its system's readiness.

XPeng is acquiring Didi's smart EV assets for $744 million, forming the "Mona" sub-brand for a 2024 launch. This strategic move aims to boost XPeng's presence, leveraging Didi's massive user base in China and abroad.

Amazon debuts the Fire TV Channels app, offering Fire TV users 400+ free ad-supported channels, including ABC News, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports, among others.

Microsoft introduced Python integration in Excel, letting users combine Python scripts with Excel formulas; initially available to Microsoft 365 Insiders in the Excel for Windows beta channel.


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