Apple's App Store anger

PLUS: Smart contact lenses detect glaucoma

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After years in court, Apple likely hoped its legal storms had passed — with new App Store changes implemented after rulings from its Epic Games lawsuit.

But what Apple sees as compliance, app makers see as a loophole — with the new rules angering developers and likely bringing more legal battles to the table. Let’s dive deeper…

In today’s tech rundown:

  • Apple’s App Store changes draw criticism

  • Smart contact lenses monitor glaucoma

  • 9 new products

  • Zuckerberg reorgs Meta AI with AGI focus

  • Iowa sues TikTok for misleading parents

  • Instagram introduces ‘nighttime nudges’ to help teens sleep

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Image source: Reuters

The Rundown: Apple updated its App Store rules this week under legal pressure, allowing developers to use third-party payment systems — but developers must still pay Apple a 27% commission fee, drawing widespread criticism that the changes don't go far enough.

The details:

  • The updates stem from a 2020 lawsuit from Epic Games challenging Apple's "walled garden" approach and 30% commission fees.

  • A court ruled Apple had monopoly power over iOS apps and ordered them to allow alternate payments — but under the new rules, apps must still pay a 27% "tax" to Apple for external payment transactions.

  • Both Apple and Epic appealed the original decision to try and push the issue to the Supreme Court, but were denied.

  • Developers slammed the change as bad faith compliance, with Epic's CEO saying they will continue to contest it in court.

Why it matters: While the concessions may appease the court, developers argue the changes reinforce Apple's app marketplace dominance rather than increasing competition. With Apple now facing heat from all angles, these legal challenges seem likely to continue.

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Image source: Northumbria University

The Rundown: Researchers from Northumbria University just developed GlakoLens — contact lenses with embedded sensors that continuously monitor pressure changes within the eye to aid in glaucoma diagnosis.

The details:

  • The tech uses a soft disposable lens and wireless system to gather and analyze pressure data over 24 hours.

  • The constant monitoring captures natural fluctuations better than single in-office measurements to improve detection.

  • Initial trials showed the contact lens sensors responded accurately to intentionally increased eye pressure.

  • Glaucoma develops slowly over time with few symptoms, making early detection difficult — something that GlakoLens addresses with easy, constant measurements.

Why it matters: Wearable medical devices are about to push to new heights with new tech, AI and robotic advances. Innovations like these lenses will provide more rapid diagnosis and less invasive monitoring for countless conditions.


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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reorganizing the company with a new focus on developing artificial general intelligence (AGI).

The EU launches the Nostradamus project to enhance cybersecurity using quantum key distribution technology.

Iowa is suing TikTok, alleging the platform misleads parents by understating the amount of inappropriate content accessible to young users.

SWIR sensors, made with non-toxic quantum dots and offering improved performance in challenging visual conditions, show great potential for integration into various technology sectors.

Instagram is introducing "Nighttime Nudges" to encourage teens to stop using the app late at night and help them prioritize sleep.

The European Parliament is seeking to reform regulations to mandate fairer payment and greater transparency for artists on music streaming platforms.

Big Sky's 18K sensor, the world's largest in any commercial cinema camera, enhances content for Las Vegas' immersive Sphere venue.


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